who am I?

My name is Bonny and I am a wife and mother of three who works as an Admin professional in the corproate setting. I love my job but am always looking for ways to improve and so I look for information on the web on a wide range of topics that I am curious about.

My dream is to someday own my own homestead where I can be completely self-sufficient with all the things I am learning about and still make enough that I can travel to see these things first-hand.

Emergent Gypsy is a blog I started for a couple of reasons. I needed a place to put all that I was learning and was curious about in a place where I could find it later. I am curious about so much and Facebook doesn’t allow me to go back months to find articles and my Favorites was becoming overloaded.

Also, because I am so curious, I wanted to learn the skill of blogging – I love learning new things. I hope to learn about affiliate marketing to raise money so that I can truly become a gypsy and travel more – one of my many passions!

But in being true to myself I hope to share what I learn so that you, too, can emerge with me to become a fuller, more knowledgeable person.

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Join me on a journey of discovery – rediscovering my gypsy soul – resourceful, strong, reverent, full of wonderlust